Bulk SMS/Voice Call


Why Need of Bulk SMS Service?

Today’s ready for action world demands to communicate immediately with your present and potential customers in an approach that is cheaper and reliable. Bulk SMS Service from Avantika Infotech, Ahmedabad, India meets this requirements by enabling users to reach thousands of customers within few seconds in one attempt.

Bulk SMS Service provider in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Promotional SMS Service

We offer a best Bulk SMS Service to your business which can openly generate sales and leads for your businesses.

A promotional message is a gateway to drive passionate benefits for your brand. All what matters is the content you send to your audience to inform them about your product, offer or services. We believe that Promotional SMS works as a bingo to brands. Our committed team of professionals considers all such points and helps you in best possible way to make your messaging operation a big hit for your business.

Transactional SMS Service

Process of Transactional SMS is now at the tip of your thumb. Avantika Infotech transactional SMS provider offers transactional SMS service at particularly Transactional SMS price not only in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India but also across the other states as well.

Give your clients and customers immediate minute to minute information on the delivery status of their purchases, transaction confirmations, updates on promotional offers, etc. with the reasonably priced Transactional Bulk SMS Service from Avantika Infotech. Take your business venture a step ahead with the easy to use and stimulating Transactional SMS India facility.

Bulk Voice Calls

Outbound Dialing (OBD) is a robust system designed to effectively manage mobile service-provider-initiated outbound calls. The system automatically dials out calls to a list of mobile users provided by the telecom operator.