Human Resource Management System

HR work is more complexly involved today than it ever has been. There are so much of efforts that go into the management of employee information, which can be used for everything, from recruiting and hiring to training, evaluations, and much more. The importance and manpower behind these tasks involved makes it critical for human resources professionals to have HR management software for more efficient management of HR information.

This is why many companies are now have started a HRMS (Human Resource Management System) — a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software. It can be used for candidate recruiting, payroll management, leave approval, succession planning, attendance tracking, career progression, performance reviews, and the overall maintenance of employee information in the company.

The automation of repetitive and time consuming tasks associated with human resources management frees up some of the companies most valuable employees and allows the focus to shift to culture, retention, and other highly impactful areas.

HRMS Modules

  • User Management
  • Leave Request (With Approval)
  • Attendance Management (Single User / Multi User)
  • Request to HR (With Approval)
  • Upload Documents
  • Attendance Report
  • Leave Request Report
  • Request to HR Report
  • Birthday Wish
  • Employee Announcements